LitStack Pick: Books That Really Piss Us Off

Admittedly, there have been many books that have been unceremoniously thrown across the Tate household out of sheer annoyance, offense and frustration. It happens and as when I read an amazing book, I feel compelled to share my anger for books that set me on book whirling behavior.

This week our pick concerns the books that, for various reasons, really pissed us off. What about you, LitStackers? What books made you angry? We want to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “LitStack Pick: Books That Really Piss Us Off

  1. I'm so glad A Storm of Swords is in there. I threw it and screamed during that scene. I'm pretty sure I invented new swear words.

    The one not mentioned that I'd propose is Last Argument of Kings. It's the third in the First Law trilogy and by the end of it I was very angry, so angry that I couldn't even talk about it for two days.

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