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1984: Animal Farmanimal farm

“All Animal Comrades believe that 1984 was a great year for the Animal Farm – at least the Ministry of Truth claims so…” Er, this game can’t seem to make up its Orwellian mind. Published last year by a Polish gaming company, this bizarre board game requires sly negotiations, bluffing, alliances, secret talks and epic betrayals. Sounds pretty dystopian to us, whichever way you slice it.

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  1. For a high school class project, my daughter and her friends created a board game based on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, complete with board, player pieces, action cards and quotation cards, and unifying graphics all (movement of the pieces was based on a player’s knowledge of “Hamlet” and Shakespeare – his life and the world around him). They did an incredible job and there was talk of potentially finding backers to market it. Maybe some day they will jump back on it’s bandwagon!

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