18 January, 2022

Your Library Misses You

Any reader who has spent hours between the stacks, utterly consumed in fictional worlds and https://i0.wp.com/1.bp.blogspot.com/_XtqihTmrOaQ/TDx6VkyoEPI/AAAAAAAABD0/M9cIqBeuPqQ/s400/child_reading_book_a20907.jpg?w=640words will tell you that there is a fundamental necessity for the function of libraries. It seems some of the greatest literary minds have agreed. This post celebrates those great institutions that set minds soaring, that nestle the past precisely between the pages and in the laps of hungry minds everywhere. This is for the libraries and the tireless librarians that have fed our literary hunger. Do yourself a favor, LitStackers, go patronize your local library. It misses you.

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