Kurt Bali’s Ultimate Top 5 1/2 Comic Books Ever!

Punk Rock Jesus No. 1: Imagine the DNA of Jesus Christ injected punk rock jinto a modern-day girl, where He will be born as the star of a reality TV show. That is the basis for Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus, a six-issue miniseries that explored the impact the religious right has on modern American society. It is The Crow for this generation, an amazing book that is both painful to read and life-affirming at the same time. While the story overall is not necessarily a happy one, it is so brilliantly written and drawn by Murphy, it must be considered as heady a piece of art as The Watchmen. While this is a series that should be adapted immediately for the big screen, it probably won’t because Hollywood’s obsession with comic book movies only goes as far as books that won’t offend Middle America. Punk Rock Jesus, though dead-on accurate, would offend the majority of its viewers who don’t understand that being offended doesn’t make them right.

So those are mine. What are yours?

-Kurt Bali

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