Kurt Bali’s Ultimate Top 5 1/2 Comic Books Ever!

The Killing Joke: A one shot by legendary writer Alan Moore upped Killingjokethe ante thrown down by Frank Miller & TDKR. A possible origin was given for the Joker and the Yin-Yang relationship between Batman and the Harlequin of Hate was examined in depth. It was also one of the most disturbing mainstream books to come out up to that point. The Joker intended to prove that any man can be mentally destroyed and he went after Commissioner James Gordon to use as a guinea pig. He started by arriving at Gordon’s house where Jim and his daughter Barabara (secretly Batgirl) were chatting. Barbara answered the door and Joker promptly shot her, leading to years spent for her in a wheelchair as Oracle. Jim was taken by Joker’s henchmen and the Joker himself proceeded to strip Barbara nude and photographed her in the most deviant, twisted poses imaginable. Even after showing these pictures to the Commissioner at an abandoned carnival, Gordon maintained his sanity, beating the Joker. Truly one of the darkest books in the Batman library and one that is still an amazing read even now.

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