Kurt Bali’s Ultimate Top 5 1/2 Comic Books Ever!

Secret Wars No. 11: Secret Wars was meant to be an answer to DC’s Secret Wars No 11Super Powers line, which were action figures promoted via comic books. Whereas DC’s Super Powers were outside canon, Marvel decided to promote their sub-standard line of action figures with a story that took place over the course of a year and affected nearly every character in the Marvel Universe. Issue 11 was especially strong for me because it saw Colossus of the X-Men struggling between his love with Kitty Pryde, still back on Earth, and his feelings for the alien Zsaji, a healer on the Battleword created by The Beyonder where the mightiest heroes and most vile villains where trapped. The best part of the entire book, though, was the ending where the heroes were voting on whether to attack Dr. Doom, who had gained a portion of The Beyonder’s power and was nearly omnipotent. Torn between his desire to spend his life with Zsaji and his belief in doing what was right, Colossus was given the final vote. As he says “I say…yes,” every hero in the room was graphically blasted to pieces by a bolt of lightning. For a kid who had grown up on comics, seeing all of them blown to bits was powerful stuff. The 30 days between issues 11 and 12 were 30 of the longest days of my life.

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