Kickstarter: The Game of Books

Imagine a game where you – the reader – are the main character, and every book you read earns you points and rewards. The Game of Books is a game for adventurous readers where the books you read earn you points based on what they are about.

The Game of Books combines the physical world of books with the digital and imaginary.  It is a website and mobile app that combines “Foursquare for books” and Xbox Live-style gamer achievements, earning you badges and points for the rare themes you encounter in books.

At its heart, The Game of Books allows those of us that love reading to earn something extra for what we already love, to become the master of themes that we visit more than others, to discover books we’d otherwise miss, and to track how we have grown as readers over time.

The Main Points of The Game of Books:

  • Readers earn points and badges for the books you read.
  • Play The Game by yourself, or with friends locally or on social media.
  • Each book in The Game has its own unique digital game card.  There are more than 100,000 game cards in the Game of Books today.
  • Open Access: The Game of Books is intended to be easily connected to existing reading communities, such as  Play The Game in the places you already read.

To learn more about this unique Kickstarter, check out the site here.