25 November, 2021

Keeping a Struggling Writer Satisfied, in Body and Mind

Virginia Woolf wrote, ”I have only one passion in life — cooking.” Over at Brain Pickings, it seems that Woolf was not the only literary lion to place her writing second to a love of things culinary. Poets and writers are known to toil in the kitchen as well, and over a hundred prized recipes are collected in the unexpected volume, John Keats’s Porridge: The Favorite Recipes of Beloved American Poets. Conceived by poet Victoria McCabe and published in 1975, this classic (but sadly out of print) collection includes such gems Alan Ginsberg’s Borscht, Joyce Carol Oates’s Easter Anise Bread, and Edward Abbey’s Hardcase Survival Pinto Bean Sludge. Many of the recipes are designed to fill the stomach of a writer on meager budget—and a few are written, not surprisingly, in verse.

Read more at Brain Pickings.

Source: David Perdue’s George Cruikshank illustrations

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