8 December, 2021

Justin Long To Star In Adaptation of King's 'The Ten O'Clock People'

It’s been a few years since the last major Stephen King film adaptation, the Frank Darabont-helmed “The Mist,” but that doesn’t mean studios haven’t been trying get in on the lucrative King business, and the past year alone has seen several different projects based on King’s books continue in development including the ill-fated and ambitiousThe Dark Tower,” the Ben AffleckhelmedThe Stand” and Cary Fukunaga‘s “It”among others. Now it looks like another adaptation of King’s works is closer to reality.

Deadline is reporting that Justin Long is in talks to play the lead in “The Ten O’Clock People.” The film, adapted from King’s short story of the same name, follows a Bostonian man who, in his attempt to quit smoking, realizes that many people in power are actually inhuman monsters. Tom Holland, something of a King veteran, having previously adapted “The Langoliers” into a miniseries and directed “Thinner,” will write and direct the adaptation.

The film is scheduled to start shooting on September 10th in New York, and should be an interesting change of pace for Long who is generally best known for his goofy, comic turns.


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