JK Rowling On ‘The Daily Show’

As part of her Casual Vacancy tour, and just prior to her speaking engagement in New York City, JK Rowling stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The Huffington Post reported that during the interview, Rowling and Stewart “shared a 15-minute conversation about everything from Star Wars to the British welfare system – and of course her new book.”

I couldn’t have written [The Casual Vacancy] if I’d not had a few years really where I was as poor as it’s possible to go in the UK without being homeless,” said Rowling.

She also explained that her commitment to paying tax in the UK comes from the time that she herself was on welfare.

“Has a government ever got more back from an investment?” asked Stewart.

Check out the interview below and at thedailyshow.com.


And part 2 which was not televised:

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