16 October, 2021

Is Pottermore Expanding?

Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne closed out the Publishers Launch Conference with a bang, indicating that “Pottermore is a digital publishing business” and part his road map for the next 12 months is to “work with other brands” from publishing. “We’ve started working brands, and indeed with publishers, trying to identify digital strategies that fulfill the sort of things” they have done for JK Rowling’s work. They are “already working with one other brand” in particular in a serious way. “You can do a lot of what we’ve done for Pottermore–and you can do a lot of different things. One thing might be advertising,” which JK Rowling did not want on Pottermore, but clearly holds potential given their vast user statistics.

Redmayne also indicated they “have invested in a great deal of infrastructure” that he believes can be harnessed for other purposes. Having created a platform that can sell in multiple currencies, in multiple languages and territories, to a wide variety of devices, “we’d like to start using what we have built for other brands, to start pushing other brands forward in the same way.”


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