How to Dress as 13 Famous (But Dead) Writers This Halloween

Du Fu

Recognized as the “poet historian” since the period of China’s Song Dynasty, Du Fu was born in 712 in an unknown location near Luoyang, Henan province. Immediately prior to his 770 death in Tanzhou, Du Fu experienced a creative resurgence, writing 400 dense, stylistic poems in his last fours years, one of which, To My Retired Friend Wei, focused on the recurring theme of a long absence between friends. For a convincing Du Fu costume, the academic dress of ancient China is appropriate. Articles include a round-collar, long-sleeved robe called a panling lanshan and a black curved-wing cap called a putou. Du Fu also kept distinctive facial hair, which can be applied using a fake beard and mustache found at a costume retailer online.

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