Highly Anticipated SciFi/Fantasy Releases for September

Blackwood by Gwenda Bond (Strange Chemistry) The Most Thrilling Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in September!
This debut novel gives a brand new spin on the oft-explored story of Roanoke, where a group of colonists disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As Bond explains over on John Scalzi’s blog, “on a modern day Roanoke Island where the Lost Colony is an interesting story for the tourists, history turned into popular outdoor summer theater, there’s a new mass disappearance overnight of 114 people, the exact same number as vanished hundreds of years ago. Two local 17-year-olds-Miranda Blackwood, an outsider from the island’s most infamous family, and Phillips Rawling, a teen criminal who hears the voices of the dead-begin to discover they may have ties to both disappearances, then and now, and must unravel the secrets of the new Lost Colony to save the missing people and themselves.”