Highly Anticipated SciFi/Fantasy Releases for September

Slow Apocalypse by John Varley (Ace) The Most Thrilling Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in September!
What if all the oil was just gone? It’s a particularly provocative take on the apocalypse — and possibly, an especially relevant one, if the Peak Oil theorists are correct. A scientist named Eddie Parker develops bacteria to clean up oil spills, and then works on a method for increasing oil production by boosting the pressure — but Eddie has a secret agenda, to punish Saudi Arabia for 9/11 by getting rid of all the Saudi oil. Unfortunately, Eddie’s plan works too well, and soon all the oil in the world is becoming a thing of the past. Screenwriter Dave Marshall, in Los Angeles, discovers that his disaster-movie script is coming true — and he has to find a way to safeguard his family. As Varley says, this is way different than anything he’s written before. Read an excerpt here.

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