Highly Anticipated SciFi/Fantasy Releases for September

The Moon Maze Game by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes (Tor) The Most Thrilling Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in September!
The month’s other big collaboration probably doesn’t feature the ghost of Ayn Rand. But it does feature LARPers on the Moon. LARPers on the Moon! Seriously. In a nutshell, it’s the year 2085, and humanity is living all over the solar system — and a lunar colony is seeking independence. When the young heir to a small African country, Ali Kikaya, visits the Moon for a Live Action Role Playing event, a man who grew up on the Moon comes along as a bodyguard. But soon enough, terrorists target Ali — and how do you tell the terrorists from the LARPers? This is basically one of those “a game becomes real” novels. We talked to Barnes about it, way back in 2009. Oh, did we mention LARPers on the Moon?