2 December, 2022

Harper Lee Settles Lawsuit

Critically acclaimed author Harper Lee has settled her lawsuit against the museum that sold Bush Awards Presidential Medal of Freedomunlicensed and unapproved merchandised that carried her name and the title of her novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

According to USA Today, Lee’s suit against the Monroe County Heritage Museum in Alabama and a motion was filed by her attorney, “Tuesday in federal court in Mobile saying Lee had reached an agreement with the Monroe County Heritage Museum in Monroeville.

The settlement notice came days after a judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit, filed last fall, that said the museum uses Lee’s name and the title of her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel without compensating her.

The document did not provide details on the settlement, and a lawyer for the museum, Matthew Goforth, declined to comment Wednesday. He cited the terms of settlement negotiations.”

This is the second lawsuit Lee has been involved in the past few years. We reported the case against the the son-in-law of her late agent, Samuel L. Pinkus, back in July who had acquired the copyright to Lee’s solitary, classic novel. Check out the full story on that suit here.