From the Huffington Post: A manuscript penned by a teenage Charlotte Brontë is expected to reach over for £300,000 ($482,000) at a Sotheby’s auction next month.

The auction house indicated that “The Young Men’s Magazine, Number 2” is dated August 1830, and was written when Brontë was just 14.

“The mini-magazine, measuring 1.4 in. by 2.4 in. (35mm by 61mm), contains a tale of murder and madness set in the imaginary world of Glass Town.”

Sotheby’s Gabriel Heaton said it “provides a rare and intimate insight into one of history’s great literary minds.”

Heaton said that the manuscript has echoes of Jane Eyre, specifically the “famous scene” – “when Bertha, Mr. Rochester’s insane wife, seeks revenge by setting fire to the bed curtains in her husband’s chamber.”

The auction will take place on December 15 in London.

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