20 January, 2022

Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn Helps Out Pine Ridge Library

From Shelf Awareness:

Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn, N.Y., is encouraging customers to buy books that are being sought by the Oglala Lakota College Library, which has several branches and is the only community library for the entire Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. As the store wrote:

Pine Ridge has the lowest per capita income in the U.S. and not a single bookstore. The librarians are working hard to improve services for children–and you can help by donating new books for them to borrow.”

Greenlight listed 22 books that can be bought; the store will ship them to the library free of charge. The list is a collaboration with ReadThis, a volunteer group that brings books to book-hungry public schools, libraries and social-service agencies.

Click here for a registry wish list with the books requested by the library.  You’ll find instructions for purchasing the books online, and we’ll take care of the shipping.  Thanks for your help!

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