18 October, 2021

Great Literary Vacation Destinations

Eat, Pray, Love: Various LocalesEat,_Pray,_Love_–_Elizabeth_Gilbert,_2007

It’s no surprise that a best-selling memoir about a woman’s world travels spurred fans to follow in author Elizabeth Gilbert’s footsteps. In her memoir, first published in 2006, Gilbert gets divorced and decides to spend a year traveling through Italy, India and Indonesia. Add Julia Roberts and bring the book to life on the big screen, and the next thing you know, tourists are lapping up gelato at the same shop in Rome visited by Gilbert and Roberts. STA Travel, the official travel partner for the film, offers 21-day journeys to all three countries or shorter, 5- or 8-day sojourns to just one of the countries, said spokesman Patrick Evans. Highlights include eating your way through Rome, visiting spiritual sites in India such as the Taj Mahal and Akshardham Temple, and getting pampered during a spa day in Bali.

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