4 December, 2021

Got Rejection Immunity?

Earlier this week, The Rumpus posted a link to a resource more than a few
writers might find useful. Though full disclosure, this writer, who’s had more exposure than she cares to acknowledge, has yet to give it a whirl. The innovation known at The Rejection Generator comes via The Stoneslide Corrective. According to site’s description, the generator “rejects writers before an editor looks at a submission. Inspired by psychological research showing that after people experience pain they are less afraid of it in the future.”

By simply inputting your email, you can select among six options, each designed to be “painful and discouraging in its own way.” Choose among the “Ego Shredder,” “The Thumper,” or my favorite, “The Civil Gesture,” to yield the necessary strength of rejection.

If you’re the type to laugh in the face of anxiety and self-doubt, find out more here, at The Stoneslide Corrective.

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