Goodreads Choice Awards Voting Happening NOW

Are you a member of Goodreads, or been thinking of joining this “social cataloging” website for book lovers and those who love to read?  If you answered YES to either of these questions, then you need to head on over to the Goodreads site to vote for your favorite books in the annual Goodreads Choice Awards for 2015 NOW!


The voting is in the final round, and each of the categories, from “fiction” (as in “literary fiction”) to fantasy to graphic novels and comics, romance, food and cookbooks, humor, science fiction, Goodreads debut author, even children’s pictures books (and more), have been pared down in earlier rounds to only 10 books each.  You can vote in every category, or only those that really interest you, or even a single category – it’s totally up to you.  (You can also recast your vote later if you want, but you can only ultimately vote for one book in each category.)

Almost 2.5 million votes have already been cast in this final round, but there is no way your favorite book is going to win if YOU DON’T VOTE!  After all, this is blatantly and gloriously a popularity contest!  Voting in this final round ends on (we’re assuming) the stroke of midnight on November 23rd, so log into Goodreads now and let your voice be heard!  (Honestly, this is one writers really do love to win.)

Have fun voting!

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