19 January, 2022

Good Books Every Woman Should Read

Our friends at The Huffington Post published a great article about the books they think women should read. They also believe that there are certain books that are universally beloved by women:

Try just mentioning one of your favorite books the next time you’re with a group of female friends. Whether it’s “Little Women,” “The Bell Jar,” or your favorite Judy Blume, someone in the group is almost guaranteed to recognize it and say something along the lines of “god, I looooved that boooook.” Which may devolve — no, evolve — into a conversation about all the books you’ve mutually loved and when you read them and why they moved you at that time in your life. It’ll be an instant “love, loss and what I read” party.

The following is a condensed list of the HuffPost’s female staff’s favorites. Do you agree? Let us know your favorites, LitStackers. We want to hear from you! The full post is here.

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