Gimbling in the Wabe – Ode to Teddy

Ode to TeddyBelle  Teddy 1-(ZF-10630-40566-1-001) (2)
(by guest writer, the Mighty Belle)

As Teddy leaves the park today
I won’t see him again.
I don’t know really what that means
‘Cause Teddy is my friend.

He likes to pull my ears a lot;
I grab him at the collar.
He sometimes knocks me over but
Of us he is the smaller.

Still, I don’t mind.  We snap and growl
and often sound ferocious.
But that’s just play, just like today
No hint of dog psychosis.

But Teddy is much more than friend
He’s like my little brother.
There are lots of dogs here at the park
Yet Teddy’s like no other.

We roll and run, the summer sun
Is just as fun as winter.
Since both of us have wooly coats
we never find it bitter.

Teddy eats the mulberries,
he thinks they’re mighty fine.
He can have those nasty things,
but wood chips?  They are mine!

Our owners stand around and talk.
We see them every day.
That’s fine with me as long as we
Have lots of time to play.

Now Teddy’s nipping at my tail
Again, it’s time to run.
We race and jump then pant and smile.
It’s all so very fun!

Tomorrow Teddy goes away.
It makes no sense to me.
Some place called California
By something called a sea.

It’s okay for him to go
It really won’t offend
As long as he’s not gone too long –
‘Cause Teddy is my friend.

(Belle and Sharon both wish Teddy and Amanda and their family best wishes on their move to California.  We’ll miss you!  May you always have off leash dog parks nearby!)

Photo of the real Belle and Teddy courtesy of Trutty Photography

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