We love this list from Buzzfeed (14 Things You Didn’t Know About american godsNeil Gaiman), but as huge fans of the NYT best seller’s work, we particularly loved this little tidbit on the “genders” of his books.

“Books have sexes; or to be more precise, books have genders. They do in my head, anyway. Or at least, the ones that I write do. And these are genders that have something, but not everything, to do with the gender of the main character of the story.”

Stardust, on the other hand, is a girl’s book, even though it also has an everyman hero, young Tristran Thorne, not to mention seven Lords bent on assassinating each other.”

The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish is a boy’s book. Coraline … is a girl’s book.”

And American Gods? “The book had a gender now, and it was most definitely male.”

We’re sure, somewhere out there in the great fictional beyond, Shadow Moon is saying “you’re damn right, buddy.”

Check out the full list here.


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