Gaiman Reveals the Cover for “Fortunately, The Milk”

Best selling author, Neil Gaiman released the cover of his latest children’s book Fortunately, The Milk. FTM_FINAL_8Apr

From his blog:

This is the cover of the UK edition of Fortunately, The Milk, illustrated by the amazing Chris Riddell.

And when I say illustrated, I mean there is a glorious Chris Riddell drawing on pretty much every page.
This is quite possibly the most exciting adventure ever to be written about milk since Tolstoy’s epic novel War and Milk. It has aliens, pirates, dinosaurs and wumpires in it (but not the handsome, misunderstood kind), also a never-adequately-explained-bowl-of-piranhas, not to mention a Volcano God.
It will now be released on the same day as the US edition, September the 17th.

Check out the video below of Gaiman explaining with Fortunately, The Milk is all about. Gaiman will also launch his adult novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane in June.



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