20 October, 2021

Frederick Pohl: November 26, 1919–September 2, 2013

We are saddened to hear of the passing of legendary writer Frederick Pohl who has FrederikPohl_AndreaBauer3_magnummaintained a seventy-plus year career, spanning 1937′s  “Elegy to a Dead Planet: Luna,”  to his most recent novel, All the Lives He Led (2011). The news of his passing was reported by his granddaughter, Emily Pohl Weary on Twitter.

Pohl won the National Book Award in 1980 for his novel Jem. Other well-known novels include The Space Merchants (written with Cyril M. Kornbluth) and Gateway. From about 1959 until 1969, Pohl edited Galaxy magazine and its sister magazine if, winning the Hugo Award for If three years in a row. His writing also won him four Hugos and multiple Nebula Awards. He became a Nebula Grand Master in 1993. Pohl won the 2010 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer, based on his writing on his blog, “The Way the Future Blogs”.

Our Bryan Camp chatting with Pohl and his wife Elizabeth Ann Hull back in 2011. Be sure to check out that interview here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pohl family and the legions of devoted fans who are heartbroken at this loss.

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