26 October, 2021

Five Really Great Sports Books

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (Michael Lewis)Blind Side

The Blind Side tells the inspirational story of Michael Oher, a homeless black teen taken under the wing of the Touhys, a wealthy white Memphis family. Oher’s size and speed on the football field bring him accolades. But learning the game’s strategy and making it as a student take the help of his new family, coaches, and tutor.

Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her portrayal of Oher’s adopted mother, Leigh Anne Touhy, the sharp-witted and compassionate matriarch. There are some major differences in the book as opposed to the film (Oher didn’t really like filmmakers insinuated he didn’t know how to play the game when he first landed on Briarcrest Christian School’s team), but this is still a sweet story about perseverance and the importance of family.

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