26 November, 2021

Five Great Post 9/11 Novels

September 11, 2001, I was an undergraduate taking my daily 45 minute drive to my university, 911listening to the radio, laughing at the morning DJs. Then, quite suddenly, our nation was attacked. By the time I made it to my first class of the day, (ironically, American History), our small college campus exploded in chaos.

There was no way to predict what would happen next. Air Force One landed on the northern side of our state, making touch downs here and there because uncertainty lifted heavy in the air. Where was safe-ground? What would happen next? Would there be another attack?

We were sent home. Classes canceled, the roads littered with police, National Guard; it was as if Marshall Law had taken over, fractured the security of our daily lives. That afternoon I sat in front of my television, staring in disbelief as New York and The Pentagon took on the landscape of a third-world nation. Again, chaos. Fear. Devastation.

In the twelve years between that day and this, there have been hundreds of stories that needed to be told. Our nation has seen more devastation, more violence. But in all of that, the stories remained. These are the legends of the survivors, the flicker of hope that one small voice will be heard. And while these tales may not combat the destruction of that day or erase its memory, they do bring volume to those who can no longer speak.

In the following, we give you some of our favorite Post 9/11 novels–stories that, again, seek to honor, to examine, to free the ghosts of that horrible day. That’s what great fiction does-it breathes life from the ashes. It sheds light in the darkness.

Tell us about some of your my treasured novels based on the September 11th attacks in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

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