First ‘Ender’s Game’ Trailer Debuts

The very first trailer for the Lion’s Gate movie adaptation of Ender’s Game has debuted.

From this trailer the movie looks to be a by-the-numbers action flick that tells you in no uncertain terms that these kids are being trained to command fleets against a proven alien threat and that Ender is the best amongst them all. (The trailer even ends with Ender lining an entire fleet up… then taking it out in one shot.)

The brilliance of this straightforward approach is that it presents a different reality to you depending on your age and how much you know about the source material.

In the trailer, Ender is portrayed as A Very Special Boy. He’s the most gifted kid in a group of gifted kids that have to use their smarts and skills to save the planet. I’m not sure it’s even possible to set someone up for a more heroic role, and if I was a kid I’d undoubtedly see myself as Ender in a heartbeat. The trailer assists this reaction by having Ender say very little, keeping any specific characterization at bay and making Ender more of a template to insert yourself into.

Check out Chris Lough‘s full reaction post on the trailer here.

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