The Daily Beast is reporting the launch of This Changes Everything, a collection of essays and articles meant to express the Occupy Wall Street movement. From the report: “Berrett-Koehler Publishers, in conjunction with YES! Magazine [published the book] written by both Occupiers on the inside of the movement and in the trenches, and by luminaries, and thought leaders with perspective about the movement, like Naomi Klein, Ralph Nader, and David Korten. The book blends the experiences of the Occupiers with the voices of the New Economy Thinkers to create an emerging body of thought that will help answer the questions how can things really change and what can people do to help create that change?”

Compiled by Sarah van Gelder and the Staff of YES! Magazine, the book is divided into several parts:

In Part One, people at the heart of the movement along with close observers describe the early, heady days of Occupy Wall Street and reflect on the challenges of implementing inclusive decision-making and authentic diversity, and dealing with violence.

Part Two explores ways to address gross inequality, the corruption of our money and banking systems, an unjust tax system, and the desperate need for jobs in a climate-constrained world.

Part Three is a selection of powerful ways the movement can move forward, with articles on the legal fiction of corporate personhood, accomplishments of past people’s movements, lessons from the uprisings of the Arab Spring and Europe, and ways anyone can support the Occupy movement.”

Read more about  the book here and on The Daily Beast here.

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