Film Tribute to Nora Ephron

You’ve Got Mail (screenplay)
The relationship itself between Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly is Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet -esque (they actually have a conversation about Mr. Darcy And Ms. Bennet in the film). Joe Fox runs a chain of big bookstores called Fox Books (think Borders or Barnes & Noble), while Kathleen runs an independent bookstore, The Shop Around the Corner. They fall for each other over the Internet, not knowing one another’s true identities (oh the star crossed lovers….we’re even seeing Romeo & Juliet comparisons here). They meet in person at a publishing party, not realizing that they already know each other on the Internet. Kathleen begins a media war, boycotting Fox Books, which has just opened shop fairly close to her own bookstore. Despite her efforts, her indie bookstore goes out of business (hmm…this sounds a lot like what’s happening in the real world). BASICALLY, this whole movie is about books and publishing!



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