Favorite Pubs of Famous Literary Drinkers

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese – London, England

The Cheshire Cheese pub has been around for a really long time. It’s been serving up pints since The Great Fire of 1666. It’s literary history is equally long; Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor and even mentions the pub in A Tale of Two Cities. Over the years Mark Twain, Alfred Tennyson, Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr. Samuel Johnson are all reported to have been regulars. In the twentieth century WB Yeats and Ernest Rhys spear-headed The Rhymers Club which met here often.

Inside, the pub is gloomy and dark, befitting it’s Dickensian image. Spaces are cramped and the tall should be prepared to stoop. It’s not without charm though: in the winter a roaring fire keeps patrons warm. Be sure to check out the subterranean vaults which date back to the 13th century.