Do you have a little one at home who has a favorite picture book? There’s a Book has chosen their Favorite Picture Books Published This Year So Far, listed below. Did your pint-sized bibliophile’s favorite book make the list?



1. I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen – Perfect! This is by far our favorite picture book this year. I don’t care if you’re an adult (especially adults actually), you need to read this book. We loved it so much we made our own photo version of the book! Take a look!

2. Should I Share My Ice Cream? (An Elephant & Piggie Story) by Mo Willems – Another fantastic addition to the series that Littlebug can’t stop requesting. Love it!

3. Ladder to the Moon by Maya Soetoro-Ng – Gorgeous book. This is one of the only picture books that has had me sobbing through most of the story, it’s incredible!

4. Big Bouffant by Kate Hosford – Littlebug loved this one! Not only are the illustrations perfect, but the message is wonderful for little ones.

5. Tia Isa Wants A Car by Meg Medina – What can I say? I’m a serious car girl and I love being able to share that with my kiddos, especially when the book has a wonderful message as well. Love this one!

6. Pirate vs. Pirate by Mary Quattlebaum – Argh! Who doesn’t love pirates, really? My Turkeybird and Littlebug love pirates and in fact have embarrassed me by pointing at a man with an eye patch and saying “pirate ship!”, not too long ago. Yeah, how do you apologize for that one? Still, this is a fantastic book with gorgeous illustrations and of course…pirates!

7. About Habitats – Grasslands by Cathryn Sill – This has long been one of our favorite non-fiction children’s book series. Turkeybird especially loves the one about frogs, but this one and now the Butterfly edition are quickly becoming new favorites. Love this series!

8. The LOUD Book! by Deborah Underwood – Is there a kid on the planet who doesn’t like to be loud at some point? Seriously, this is so fantastic! Both of my kiddos love discovering new “loud” things and sounds. And don’t get me started on the illustrations…beautiful!

9. Felicity & Cordelia by Lisa Jahn-Clough – This is a favorite of the Turkeybird, I think mostly because of the hot air balloon, but I’m so happy he loves it! It’s all about these two friends who are complete opposites, but still manage to be the best of friends. It’s a lesson I think everyone deserves to learn at some point in their lives and this is the perfect medium.

10. Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox by Susan Blackaby – Another favorite of the Turkeybird. All about a groundhog who outsmarts a fox and instead of being eaten gains a friend. The illustrations are also unbelievably gorgeous. Love this one!


If there’s a children’s book we shouldn’t miss, let us know in the comments!

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