EVELYN EVELYN by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley

Evelyn Evelyn
Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
Illustrations by Cynthia von Buhler
Dark Horse
ISBN-13: 978-1595825780
(October 18, 2011)


Evelyn Evelyn are conjoined twins whose story of horror, abuse, exploitation and loss is sometimes punctuated by moments of kindness and acceptance. The story is not a children’s story. No fairy godmother sweeps in and rescues them. No good hearted souls ever successfully save them.

Instead, Evelyn Evelyn are survivors of the first rate, lost children who find comfort in the presence of each other and the hope of a better future.

The story opens at a violent birth and the body count really only goes up for the first few years of the girls lives. The deaths are slightly vague, never going into grisly details and discussing the blood or gore of the situation. This is a charming effect, leaving the rest up to the readers imaginations. Little extras in the stories sometimes confirm suspicion and other times leave the reader even more curious.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend a little time focusing on the amazing artwork. Cynthia von Buhler does a gorgeous job of bring each character to life. The drawings are reminiscent of a children’s book, which just heightens the sinister nature of the events. Little details throughout the two books really jump out when you look closely.

The afterward by Neil Gaiman is wonderful, helping those who had issues with the Evelyn Evelyn performances and story understand the source and amazing dedication involved. It is, as much as any about anyone, a story.

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  1. The book was entrancing. I flew through it, dying to find out what happened and then had to reread it slowly to catch a million little things I'd missed.

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