Dear Mr. King (Stephen King)

A letter from a devoted reader to Mr. (Stephen) King:Doctor_Sleep

Dear Mr. King,
I just read reviews of Dr. Sleep because I wanted to read what the critics had to say. Now, in case none of your other fans take a moment, I would like to thank you for this book. The very first horror novel I read was The Shining, when I was almost eleven. It was on my grandfather’s shelf, and he gave it to me with a warning, “It is just plain creepy.” I dragged that book with me to school for “silent reading.” I fell madly in love with Danny and Wendy Torrance. And Dick Halloran, well, I was just blown away. That book has always remained with me, even now.

On the eve of my 31st birthday, I sat down and cracked open Dr. Sleep (a hard bound copy because I just had to). I met an old friend who took me on an amazing journey. I said goodbye to loved characters and embraced new ones. The critics mentioned that the “scares” were not as “good” in Dr. Sleep. What I feel like they missed (mostly The Guardian) is the subtle terror that you so wisely wield. What they saw as “cheap shots” at current genre fiction (i.e. Twilight), I saw as wildly fun humor. What the critics saw as “not as good as the first,” I saw as a sophisticated jaunt into a new and modern world.

I may always fear RVs from now on. So I wanted to let you know, fan to writer, THANK YOU for allowing me to join Danny Torrance once again. It was a wild ride, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


P.S. I never thanked you for Duma Key. I really miss Edgar and Wireman…. Maybe it is time for another trip to that little island in Florida.

P.S.S. Oh, and Mr. King… I would like to thank you (and your wife) for Joe Hill.