Cory Doctorow’s “Little Brother” Optioned by Paramount

The Tracking Board broke the news, and Cory Doctorow confirmed it on boingboing.netLittle Brother, Mr. Doctorow’s phenomenal (and highly acclaimed) young adult novel has been picked up by Paramount Pictures for development into a major motion picture.
Cory Doctorow

Little Brother is the story of white-bread middle class kid Marcus Yallow, a kind of nerdy gamer guy who is techno savvy and a little bit smart-alecky – but just a little bit.  He and some friends have skipped school in modern day San Francisco to play a hot new ARG (Alternate Reality Game) when terrorists hit the Golden Gate Bridge.  The kids suddenly find themselves caught up in a wide net set up by the Department of Homeland Security to capture those responsible for the massive destruction and loss of life.  But when the DHS not only levels a heavy hand against Marcus and his friends by separating and then mercilessly interrogating them, but also continues to play on public fear in order to seize power, Marcus, along with other hacker friends, “set out to ignite a techno-revolution and to take down the DHS and their iron-fisted police state.”

According to The Tracking Board, Paramount sees the project “tonally as a cross between the Bourne series, the Divergent series, and the acclaimed BBC anthology TV series Black Mirror.”

Perhaps the most exciting news, though, is that Don Murphy, of Natural Born Killers and the Transformers franchise fame, will be producing the project.

This will be a fun one to watch develop!

Want to read the book now, so you can say “I read it before it was a blockbuster movie?”  You can!  Little Brother is free to download, compliments of Cory Doctorow himself on his website

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