The Most Common Phrases in ‘Hunger Games,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ and ‘Twilight’

From Flavorwire:

Ben Blatt of Slate decided to see what adjectives, adverbs, and sentences pop up most in the popular young adult series Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

Twilight is, to no one’s surprise, superficially glittery and “wrapped in emotion.” J.K. Rowling has a heavy “reliance on suspense.” Blatt noticed an interesting pattern in the word choice of The Hunger Games series, “a transition from ‘weak,’ “wild,” and “furious” in The Hunger Games (in which Katniss must endure the Hunger Games competition) to ‘mental,’ ‘physical,’ and ‘ridiculous’ in Catching Fire (in which Katniss must handle both a second competition and a rebellion) to ‘glad,’ ‘lucky,’ and ‘funny’ in Mockingjay (in which Katniss struggles through a series of unfortunate events but ultimately finds a measure of peace).”

Check out this comparison chart that demonstrates the most common used sentences in each series:









And a list of most common -ly adverbs by each author:






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