Coming to the Stacks: February 2017


Author of THE WOLF OF THE NORTH trilogy and THE SOCIETY OF THE SWORD trilogy Duncan Hamilton’s DRAGONSLAYER, the first in a new trilogy about an ancient dragon that awakens and lays waste to the countryside, a mage fleeing being burned at the stake by her neighbors, and an ex-chevalier who needs to find his way out of the bottom of a bottle and back onto the battlefield before there’s not a country left to save, to Devi Pillai at Tor, with Melissa Ann Singer editing, for publication in 2019, by DongWon Song at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency (world English and German).


Valerie Valdes’s CHILLING EFFECT, an #ownvoices space opera where a mercenary space captain risks her life and crew to save her sister from a secret galactic organization, and PRIME DECEPTION, the second book in the series, to Priyanka Krishnan at Voyager, at auction, for publication in 2019 and 2020, by Quressa Robinson in her first deal at Nelson Literary Agency (world English).


RITA Award-winning author Alexis Hall’s THE AFFAIR OF THE MYSTERIOUS LETTER, pitched as a fantastical Sherlock Holmes homage set in a world full of strange magic, weird science, sunken cities and ancient gods, to Rebecca Brewer at Ace, in a pre-empt, by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary.



USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy’s first book in a new romantic suspense trilogy, in which a Colorado detective protects a lingerie shop owner from a dangerous stalker, to Lexi Smail at Forever Yours, in a three-book deal, for publication in Summer 2019, by Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds (world).


Christie Leigh Babirad’s AS THE WINDS CHANGE, lost in life and a past that doesn’t seem to add up, a woman doesn’t feel a sense of place until a ghost in the form of her once closest friend from childhood comes to her on the way to work after having just been killed in a car accident, to Sheri Williams at TouchPoint Press, for publication in 2018 (world).


Author of I KNEW YOU’D BE LOVELY, Alethea Black’s YOU’VE BEEN SO LUCKY ALREADY, made of equal parts wit and heartbreak, the ultimately uplifting memoir of Alethea’s struggle after the death of her charismatic and brilliant father, and her one-woman quest to find both a diagnosis and a cure for the mysterious illness that threatened her life and sanity, to Laura Van der Veer at Little A, for publication in October 2018, by Lisa Bankoff at Bankoff Collaborative (World).


Fiction – Young Adult

Rashad Jennings’s THE IF IN LIFE, an inspirational memoir describing how he grew from an unhealthy, academically challenged kid to a success at football and more, to Annette Bourland at Zondervan, for publication in May 2018, by Jennifer Keene at Octagon (world).


Kate Pentecost’s debut ELYSIUM GIRLS, pitched as Mad Max: Fury Road meets Caraval, set in an alternate history American Dust Bowl, where a girl gang of witches and a wildcard demon are the most valuable players in a deadly game between the Goddesses of Life and Death–one with possibly apocalyptic consequences, to Laura Schreiber and Hannah Allaman at Disney-Hyperion, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, for publication in Winter 2020, by Sara Crowe at Pippin Properties (NA).


Sarah Gailey’s WHEN WE WERE MAGIC, in which a group of high school girls face up to the consequences of a disastrous magical accident resulting in a dead boy on prom night, to Liesa Abrams at Simon Pulse, for publication in 2020, by DongWon Song at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency (NA).


Fiction – Non-Fiction

Nightclub owner Peter Gatien’s EYE WIDE OPEN: MY RISE, REIGN, AND FALL IN NEW YORK NIGHTLIFE, chronicling his tenure as the King of Clubs during the 70s, 80s and 90s, overseeing a nightly circus of dance, drugs, sex, music, fashion, and celebrity at four of the top-grossing clubs in the world until his empire was toppled by Rudy Giuliani’s crackdown on nightlife, which led to a nightmarish, decade-long, legal assault on his livelihood and freedom, to Laura Van der Veer at Little A, by Paul Bresnick at Bresnick Weil Literary Agency and Meg Thompson at Thompson Literary Agency (world).


Marcia Daszko’s PIVOT, DISRUPT, ADAPT, a business guide that encourages companies to discard the status quo in favor of out-of-the-box success, to Lia Ottaviano at Diversion Books, by Linda Langton at Langtons International Agency (World).




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