Black Earth: End of the Innocence
David N. Alderman
ISBN-10: 061532276X


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Miles away from Nathan, a girl is standing atop a building, preparing to jump off. She wants to escape from her evil mother, Evanescence, and from the world she knows will soon come to an end thanks to Legion, a demonic alien force bent on partnering with Satan to destroy Earth. When Nathan blacks out, he can see and feel the things that she can feel. And he’s not the only one with an unfathomable superhuman ability.

Heather, his best friend, can put up a shield when in danger, an ability she shares with Jasper – a Wedge from the world of Rhodenine who has come to earth to stop Legion from taking out Earth and rescue his woman. And where is his woman? She’s trapped as a slave under a megalomaniac who wants to be the one to send all the humans to planet Anaisha when planet earth is destroyed.

The story also follows Cynthia, a teenager who went to the same school Nathan went to, as she gives a second thought to her whorish ways throughout highschool and deals with her mother who seems more and more evil and mysterious as the story goes on. Then there’s President Amanda and the questionable laws she passes and Ericka, a reporter who is quick to bring those questionable laws to the light.

Though the main conflict of the story is the mysterious stars/meteorites falling from the sky and killing thousands of people left and right, there are as many conflicts – if not more – as there are point of views. However, Nathan remains in the middle of all of this conflict, and it begs the biggest question of all: What makes Nathan so important?

Black Earth is definitely like watching a movie. Because it changes point of views so often, and there is a good amount of action, I imagined I was watching it on the big screen throughout the whole story. However, at some points, I did feel like there were too many plot threads and characters to follow and keep track of, at least for a 173 page story.

Not that all of the plot threads weren’t interesting and awesome. I love how David Alderman tried to mix in time traveling, aliens, demons, government conspiracies, and normal teenage problems. Still, it sometimes felt like he was trying to tell one too many stories in one story. Some of them could very well be stories of their own.

My favorite chapter was chapter 34. I loved the characters, the dialogue, and the action. I smiled, felt terrified, and cheered in various sections throughout. It’s not only my favorite chapter of this book; it’s one of my favorite chapters of all time, and that’s really saying something considering I read and review a new book every weekend.

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who is into fantasy, horror, and sci-fi fiction. I know I enjoyed it and look forward to reading and reviewing book 2 as well!

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