Bizarre Fairy Tale Adaptations

Transformations, Anne Sextontransformations

In this slim volume, Sexton retells seventeen Grimm fairy tales in poetic form, stripping them of everything you thought was inherent and unchangeable: Sexton is amoral, caustic, shrugging; she refuses to assign good and evil, questions our attention to the young protagonist as default, suggests Rapunzel as lesbian and calls attention to the fact that one day Snow White will dance in molten roller skates as the Evil Queen did:

And so she danced until she was dead,
a subterranean figure,
her tongue flicking in and out
like a gas jet.
Meanwhile Snow White held court,
rolling her china-blue doll eyes open and shut
and sometimes referring to her mirror
as women do.


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  1. I have another one to add to the list: “Twisted Fairy Tales” by Maura McHugh, illustrated by Jane Laurie. I got side tracked a bit, but once I’ve finished reading it, I’ll be reviewing it for LitStack!

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