Bizarre Fairy Tale Adaptations

Fables, Bill Willinghamfable

In Bill Willingham’s ongoing comics series Fables, every fairy tale character you’ve ever known has been forced from their world into New York City (and, for the more freakish ones, a farm upstate) and live in an enclave they call Fabletown. Prince Charming cheated on Snow White and she divorced him, the Big Bad Wolf goes by Bigby and is the community sheriff, and Goldilocks is homicidal. The story arcs range from what you’d expect to what you really wouldn’t (the Fable characters turning themselves into a superhero team, pro-Israel metaphors), and the worst (presumably) is yet to come.

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  1. I have another one to add to the list: “Twisted Fairy Tales” by Maura McHugh, illustrated by Jane Laurie. I got side tracked a bit, but once I’ve finished reading it, I’ll be reviewing it for LitStack!

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