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If you haven’t heard of or read anything by Roxane Gay before, then you are definitely missing out. If short fiction had an armed forces, then she just might be the colonel. If there is a fiction magazine out there, online or otherwise, with a piece by her inside it, then that’s one to read. Her voice is strong, but it’s also influential. She is the editor of the very difficult to get into PANK Magazine, and now the very cool, the very hardcore, the very tiny, Tiny Hardcore Press.

Tiny Hardcore publishes small novellas and chapbooks of the highest quality. The first was an excellent collection of short fiction by nom de plume’d xTx entitled “Normally Special.” Tiny Hardcore now has five titles either published or available right now. With a name like Roxane Gay’s behind them, you can be sure that these are works from authors who are on their way up and whose names you will be seeing more and more of, especially if you support small presses like Tiny Hardcore. We spoke with Roxane Gay so she could tell us more about Tiny Hardcore.

LS:       What is Tiny Hardcore?

TH is a small publishing concern that is tiny and hardcore. 

LS:       Who is Tiny Hardcore?

Who is anyone, really?

LS:       How Tiny?

Tiny enough to be so adorable you can’t help but sigh happily when you think of it. 

LS:       How Hardcore?

Hardcore enough to make you want to look away but you can’t so you keep staring and feeling that terrible thrilling tension winding itself through you. 

LS:       How many people are involved in putting out a Tiny Hardcore title?

Generally, there’s me doing editing and production and design, the writer promoting their heart out, an amazing army of people buying the books and talking about the books and spreading the good word, copy editing by Alicia Kennedy, and ebook production by Vaughan Simons. 

LS:       What is your opinion on ebooks?

Ebooks are books and books are awesome. 

LS:       You have published some strong women writers (xTx, Brandi Wells). Do you feel a responsibility to publish women?

I feel a responsibility to publish awesome writing and yes, I feel a responsibility to publish women but I also feel a responsibility to publish men. My catalogue is divided evenly between women and men with some great books forthcoming from Robb Todd, James Tadd Adcox, Sean Doyle, Casey Hannan, Tim Jones-Yelvington and more. 

LS:       What is one thing you want people to know about Tiny Hardcore? It’s titles?

These books have a whole lot of heart but they’re also more than that. The books THP publishes will make you think and make you feel and sometimes they will make you uncomfortable, but I hope I always publish books people want to read. 

LS:       What is next for Tiny Hardcore? Do you have time for dreams?

I don’t know what’s next. I have two years worth of titles and that might be all I ever do because I have other responsibilities. It’s not that I don’t have time for dreams but with Tiny Hardcore, I’m definitely invested in the here and now.

You can read a review of one of the newest Tiny Hardcore titles, Please Don’t Be Upset by Brandi Wells, here.

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