22 January, 2022

Better Know an Indie Press: Nephew

A couple years ago my brother and his wife had a baby. A little boy. I became an uncle and that baby is my nephew. It’s almost impossible not to have a positive association with the word. Meet Mudluscious Press’ Nephew, an imprint series that, “publishes linguistically jagged, pocket-sized titles that demand a redefining of language.” Founding editor J.A. Tyler introduces you to his new project and tells you his thoughts on indie presses, eBooks, and what to expect when you purchase a MLP Nephew title.

LS: What is NEPHEW?

Nephew is an imprint series of Mud Luscious Press that focuses on slim but ultimately very dense and linguistically complex works, especially those that break / burst / hurt / stampede language.

LS: Who is NEPHEW?

Darby Larson’s The Iguana Complex

Andrew Borgstrom’s Meat Is All

LS: Does NEPHEW have a home base? Do you associate yourself with a certain region of the country?

Nephew titles are born in their authors’ respective homes. Nephew titles transit via the internet. Nephew titles are edited in Colorado. Nephew titles are typeset in New York. Nephew titles are shipped via truck. Nephew titles are read in people’s guts.

LS: Do Nephew titles have similar characteristics? Is there something that connects them all?

Every Nephew title is connected by an insistence on language as wreckage – what words can but don’t often do: disappear on the page, ride between the lines, destroy our semblance of love, accumulate as rain, act as a film-in-verse. Language words phrases.

LS: How many people are involved in putting out Nephew titles?

J. A. Tyler (founding editor of Mud Luscious Press) and Andrew Borgstrom (associate editor at Mud Luscious Press) edit and select the works. David McNamara does typesetting and prepress. Steven Seighman does Nephew cover design.

LS: What is your opinion on eBooks?

I want to want them. I want to love them. I can’t / don’t yet. I will. Soon, I hope.

LS: What is one thing you want people to know about Nephew or perhaps independent presses in general?

Re: Nephew – let the words roll over you.

Re: Indie Presses – hold us all to the highest of standards.

LS: What is next for Nephew?

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Read LitStack’s review of Nephew’s second title, Meat is All by Andrew Borgstrom.

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