NY Times Bestselling author of the Across the Universe series, Beth Revis, published BethRevisa post on her blog yesterday, discussing representation in fiction and how experience and time has taught her the importance of celebrating diversity.

Revis said she knows that the shift in her experience comes from being “more aware of the world around me, its diversity and its prejudice[…] is because of my friends, the ones I’ve made in the past few years, the ones who are more different from me, who helped me see the world through their eyes, or at least see the world with them in it.”

Revis then mentions the power of words, how they can vitally impact our lives and  our place in this world:
Words are powerful things. They can start–or end–wars. People believe in words. They are the fundamental expression of ourselves, the division between human and not, the means by which we learn. And while people use words to teach, to express art, to proclaim truths, at the most basic level, people use words to simply say:
I am here.
Check out the beautifully written full post on her blog.


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