27 September, 2022

Barnes & Noble yanks Kindle exclusive comics from its shelves

CNNMoney is reporting Barnes & Noble’s exclusion of 100 DC Comics from their shelves. This comes after DC handed over exclusive digital rights for some of its comic books to Amazon.  According to CNNMoney, “B&N fired back by yanking physical copies of those books off its store shelves.”

Barnes & Noble said this is common practice for any publisher that release digital versions of their books but withhold those e-books from B&N.

“Regardless of the publisher, we will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format,” the company’s chief merchant, Jaime Carey, said in a written statement. “To sell and promote the physical book in our store showrooms and not have the e-book available for sale would undermine our promise to Barnes & Noble customers to make available any book, anywhere, anytime.”

Read the full piece here.

1 thought on “Barnes & Noble yanks Kindle exclusive comics from its shelves

  1. sounds like a case of "cutting of your nose to spite your face." b&n has given me one more reason not to walk in the door, one more reason to just do all my shopping on amazon. haven't walked into a book store since borders closed, save my local comic shop (where they are happy to try to get physical copies of whatever i am looking for).

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