26 November, 2021

Authors on Short Stories

We love this post from Poets & Writers. Some really incredibly writers discuss writing short stories versus writing novels.

Make every word count. Bring characters to life, quickly. Boil it down to the essentials. Believe in your story. These are some of the challenges that acclaimed short story writers—such as James Jones, Susan Minot, Peter Cameron, David Corbett, Nicola Barker, Bradford Morrow, and Robert McCammon—have faced in their craft. ‘My father [James Jones] said that writing a novel is like having a terrible illness with a sort of low-grade fever that lasts and lasts and lasts . . . and that writing a short story is more like having a terrible flu but only for five days,’ says Kaylie Jones. Discover more about the short story form, its unique demands, and its potency in this video, presented by Open Road Integrated Media.

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