Author of Kickstarter Rape Book “Apologizes”

Ken Hoinsky, author of Above the Game which we told you about last week, piggish mantook to the interwebs to apologize for what he calls “harmful” content in his book that he believes has been “misconstrued.”

Last week, Kickstarter apologized for not handling the controversy properly. The book includes such “dating” tips as “Don’t ask for permission” and “Force her to rebuff your advances.”

As Salon reported yesterday, “Hoinsky’s ‘seduction guide’ offers dubious and sexually predatory advice that many feminist writers have denounced for encouraging sexual assault and violence against women. But as one Redditor pointed out, the advice threads that didn’t make it into Hoinsky’s book proposal are far more troubling than those that did, as this archived ‘field report’ from Hoinsky shows:

Her last train is coming soon and she has to decide what to do. I tell her she can stay in Shibuya and I’ll make sure she has a warm bed to sleep on. However, I tell her I won’t take her home with me because ‘I only bring girls home if we’re going to have sex and there’s no way I’m f–cking you tonight.'”

Hoinsky adds, “in the intention of anything that I’ve written, there is nothing that encourages violence against women. That’s absurd. I would never ever do that, that goes against every value that I have.”

Check out his apology below and be sure to give us your take in the comments below.

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