Anonymous Librarian Confessions

We love this post from The Daily Mail.

A group of anonymous librarians are letting it all hang out. We’ll admit to a few of these lib 1confessions as well.

Librarians have a fearsome reputation for shushing noisy patrons and enforcing rules. They are also thought to have more sophisticated reading tastes than the average library user.

But a Tumblr site called Librarian Shaming reveals that library workers have just as many guilty pleasures and embarrassing secrets as the rest of us.

The site, described as ‘a place for those of us in libraryland to come clean’ started as a series of hilarious anonymous confessions from librarians in Dracut, Massachusetts.

All faces have been hidden ‘to protect their professional reputations’ and Librarian Shaming is now accepting submissions from library staff, students, and well-wishers everywhere.

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