Actor James Franco wants us to believe he’s a Renaissance man. He acts, he sings (if you can call it that), he writes, he is a perpetual student. And why shouldn’t he be allowed his Renaissance ambitions? I say the world could do with more Renaissance men and women. And now, adding to the Legend That Franco Has Created, and supporting what he calls his “unusually high metabolism for productivity … a superhuman ability to focus,” he’s taking another stab at publishing, this time via Amazon.

His second book, Actor’s Anonymous, will be, according to the Observer, “a fictionalized version of Mr. Franco’s experiences as an actor (and grad student?).”

That another celebrity is using their star power to get into publishing isn’t shocking. What is, however, is the fact that Franco has, apparently, snubbed traditional publishers.

He has abandoned traditional publishing houses to publish with Amazon. The book is called Actor’s Anonymous and was acquired by Amazon’s fiction editor Ed Park from Mr. Franco’s agent, Richard Abate.”

Franco seems to be following a trend by choosing Amazon. Timonty Ferriss and director Penny Marshall have both chosen to bypass traditional publishers in favor of Amazon.

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