After “sitting on the news for over six months”, author Victoria Schwab excitedly announced on Facebook on Tuesday that the rights to her critically acclaimed fantasy novel A Darker Shade of Magic have been picked up by G-BASE, an entertainment development company partially owned by actor Gerard Butler.  “And I am writing the pilot!!!!!” she further enthused.

This is truly exciting news, for A Darker Shade of Magic is a delightfully imaginative tale that boasts not one, but FOUR different Londons, each with a varying affinity for magic. It’s a story that should translate well to the small screen.  The current plans are for a limited television series.

Ms. Schwab (who also writes as V. E. Schwab) is also the author of the well received magical realism novel Vicious, as well as a half dozen other titles.  The second book in the “Darker Shade of Magic” world, A Gathering of Shadows, is set to be released later this month.


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